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Taking the fight to Trump: documentary follows rights

2020-07-28 15:55:28 BdST

2020-08-13 18:13:42 BdST

Published: 2020-07-28 15:55:28 BdST

Entertainment Live: Immigrant families separated, battles over abortion, voter suppression, and a transgender military ban: the Trump administration has been a frantically busy period for US rights lawyers, a new documentary shows.

To be released July 31 as Donald Trump gears up his bid for re-election, “The Fight” follows five lawyers behind-the-scenes as they contend with some of the US president’s most controversial policies.

The feature-length movie shot over three years depicts a classic David-and-Goliath battle between the federal government and the frontline civil rights organization ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union.)

“We’re like, two-and-a-half floors of a building in New York, right?” says ACLU voting rights director Dale Ho in the movie, referring to the headquarter offices where much of the footage is shot.

“Most of what we’ve been doing over the last three years has been playing defense, right?” Ho told journalists at a virtual press conference this month.

“I’m trying to prevent, stop, mitigate these human rights and civil rights atrocities that have been committed by this administration and others.”

Like “Weiner,” “The Fight” drew positive reviews after premiering at the Sundance festival in January, and emphasizes its subjects’ personal quirks — hot-shot lawyers who struggle to charge a cellphone, and toast victory on the way home from court with a glass of “train wine.”

Other shocking cases include a 17-year-old immigrant at a US detention center prevented from aborting a baby conceived from rape, and the notorious separation of young children from their parents after crossing the southern border.

“But we’re still deeply, deeply in the battle that is being revealed and exposed in this film.”


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