Fish Disease Diagnosis Lab launched at SAU

2021-10-08 04:44:38 BdST

2024-05-18 11:49:21 BdST

Published: 2021-10-08 04:44:38 BdST


SAU Live: The Faculty of Fisheries at Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU) has launched a highly equipped and modern 'Fish Disease Diagnosis and Pharmacology' laboratory for diagnosing fish diseases. On Thursday morning, the vice-chancellor of the University, Professor Dr Md. Matiar Rahman Howlader, inaugurated the laboratory, which was developed by associate professor Dr Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun,

The dean of the faculty of fisheries, Professor Dr Mrityunjoy Kunda, the director of the Students Counseling and Guidance, Professor Dr Md. Mostafa Shamsuzzaman, the proctor, Dr Md Tawheed Hasan, the deans of the other faculties, teachers and researchers from various departments were all present during the inaugural ceremony.
The vice-chancellor explored the new laboratory's equipment. A refrigerated shaker incubator, an autoclave machine, laminar airflow, a clinical chemistry analyzer, a hot air oven, a compound microscope, and other notable equipment were introduced into the laboratory.
The vice-chancellor said, "This laboratory may help in significant research activities that will further assist in increasing fish production and fulfilling animal protein demand."
Dr Md Abdullah-Al-Mamun, informed the media that, fish diseases are now the most significant impediment to fish production. And for effective treatment of these diseases, accurate diagnosis is important.
The laboratory is developed as a result of this necessity. In future, the laboratory will make significant contributions to the study of fish disease diagnostics and health management, as well as epidemiological concerns.
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