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Indulge in some relaxing beauty care ideas

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Live Correspondent: The International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March across the globe. The day pays tribute to the achievements of women and highlights the need for greater freedom to them. It also focuses on helping women gain gender equality.

Every woman has many reasons to celebrate the day. You may also give yourself a day off and hit up your favourite salon for taking a break from daily routine and enjoy little relaxation with indulging in your desired beauty services. They may include:

Facial: A good relaxing facial melts away the stress that you go through every day. A gentle massage with a natural moisturising product stimulates the blood filling up the fine lines and loosening the blackheads. A natural exfoliation pulls out impurities and a hydrating mask replenishes the skin. Different facials are tailored to the tone, texture and need of different skins. They help nourish, hydrate and revitalise dry and aging skin. Deep cleansing followed by a hydrating massage, gentle steam treatment, mild exfoliation and replenishing face mask unwinds you and improves the appearance of your skin without any fatigue.

Manicure: Manicure is a good way to relax and pamper your hands. Your hands are the only organ which do many chores throughout the day. A professional manicure from a good beauty salon is the best way to provide them comfort. A relaxing massage helps improve blood circulation and mobility of hand joints.

Your nails also get cleaned up during this process and there are less chances of developing fungi and other infections. After manicure, you may indulge in perfect nail paint session.

Pedicure: Pedicures are very relaxing. They put your mind and body at ease. Not only they make your feet look great but can also boost your confidence. The clipping, cleaning and cutting of toenails that takes place during pedicure prevent infections in your feet and toenails.

During a pedicure, you receive a relaxing massage on your feet and lower legs. This massage helps promote the circulation of blood and prevents pain. Buffing makes your nails shiny and tidy. These pedicures can help reduce your stress and improve mental health.

Hair spa: Deep conditioning hair spa treatment not only strengthens the hair follicles, nourishes the roots and replenishes the scalp but also provides you with a much-needed relaxation. It increases cell metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and leads to natural hair rebirth.

It helps to normalise oil secretions and helps maintain healthy hair growth. This therapy can make your hair strong by reducing hair fall and damaged hair.

Body massage: Go to a trained massage therapist for a gentle type of full body massage which also includes some mild stretching to relax you. A trained therapist can adjust the intensity of massage to suit to your body.

Body massage is very relaxing and it lowers stress, boosts energy and improves performance. It will relieve your muscular tension, stimulate blood circulation, relieve headaches and other pain. After a good massage, take adequate rest.

Give yourself the gift of time and beauty by chilling out in your favourite salon this Women’s day. Whether you choose to take a natural glow facial, indulge in super-deluxe mani-pedi or unwind with a hair spa treatment, there is no shortage of things to explore and experience on your special day.

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