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Face : Secret to youthfulness...

2019-10-26 17:35:52 BdST

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Published: 2019-10-26 17:35:52 BdST

Anisha Hassan: We are living in a time where every skin related issue has a solution in a bottle, and after consulting with everyone who has flawless skin, we have successfully managed to build our own little pharmacy.

However, at times, no matter the number of bottles we manage to collect, some problems still persist, like wrinkles and sagging skin.

The one area most seem to overlook, or sometimes not give enough importance to, are face massages. While they are very soothing and relaxing, they can be much more when done right.

Why do it:

If done right, face massages can be thought of as an equivalent to the fountain of youth. It helps the skin become firmer, smoother, more radiant, and wrinkle free. When the skin is kneaded, it improves circulation, bringing more oxygen and blood to the facial skin, which allows for better absorption of any product you apply afterwards.

With stimulation, the facial tissues are energised for a healthier and firmer skin. Post massage, one also feels relaxed and stress free, which also helps us to frown less, in turn preventing further wrinkles.

These common steps will help you get a proper facial massage at home, and can be done in any order. Always start from the centre and move upwards and outwards, and never downwards because that is the way the skin sags and folds to create wrinkles. Never apply excess pressure, and massage with light hands.

1. Start with a light moisturiser and tap it into the skin for a smooth canvas to work on. Massaging on dry skin will increase wrinkles instead.

3. Place your fingers over the cheekbones and sweep up and outwards. Repeat the same motion after placing fingers below the cheekbones.

4. Place your thumb on the centre of the forehead and perform vertical motions upwards towards the hairline. Continue by moving your fingers from the eyebrows horizontally upwards towards the hairline as well.

5. Use your index finger to sweep down, starting from the bottom of your lips and then, once again towards the ears, starting from the same place. After that, use two fingers at once, move them from the chin towards the ears with one finger below the jawline and one above.

6. Lastly, use your fingers to perform sweeping motions up the neck, which helps tighten the skin in that area. Following this, create small circular movements, starting from the centre of the décolletage and outwards. This last step is just as important as the previous ones, as the neck area is highly prone to wrinkles, and yet, often ignored.

Tools are optional:

From pretty pink butterfly shapes to dazzling green rollers, the popular Feng Shui jade stone comes in many shapes and forms, and while it has its own array of benefits, it is not a mandatory piece for face massages.

Your hand can do all of the work and sometimes, even better since it is more flexible than any stone could ever be.

Changing weights can affect your result:

When we frequently change diets and lose and gain weight, the skin starts to stretch and recoil, and eventually sags. This can slow down the tightening process with your massages.

Every person has a different natural facial structure with unique contours and so, results will differ from person to person. Some might take less time to see a toned facial structure, while others a little longer, but with consistency, it will come. Since

we are no aestheticians ourselves, our kneading and massaging techniques will get better over time, and might not be the best when we start out. So be patient and consistent, and you will bear results when the time is right.

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