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North South University revealed “Bangabandhu and Bangladesh”

2021-06-24 18:25:43 BdST

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Published: 2021-06-24 18:25:43 BdST


NSU Live: The first private university and the number one ranked private university of Bangladesh, North South University (NSU) organized a virtual launching program of the book, published on the life of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman titled “Bangabandhu and Bangladesh” published by North South University on 24 June (Thursday) 2021. The program was also broadcasted live on North South University's Official Facebook page.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has re-emerged in our national life during the grand celebration of the birth centenary, 'Mujib Year'. Today, Bangabandhu is established in his own glory by celebrating the year-long 'Mujib Year'.

In its continuation, North South University has written a book titled & quot; Bangabandhu and Bangladesh" about the life of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by 47 renowned writers and politicians from home and abroad to inform the new generation and the world about Bangabandhu and Bangladesh.

It is published in both Bengali and English considering readers of different languages. Dr. Dipu Moni, M.P., Honorable Minister, Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was present as the Chief Guest.

Chairman, Board of Trustees, North South University, Former President of FBCCI Mr. M. A. Kashem was present as the Special Guest. Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, Mr. Benajir Ahmed and Mr. Aziz AI Kaiser Members, Board of Trustees, NSU were present as Guests of Honor.

Editor of the ‘Bangabandhu and Bangladesh’ book, Dr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed, Professor & Chairman, Department of History & Philosophy, NSU was present as the Speaker. The program was moderated by Mr. Jamil Ahmed, Director - Public Relations Office, NSU and chaired by Professor Atiqul Islam, Vice-Chancellor, NSU.

Dhaka, 24 June (campuslive24.com)//AIT

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Dr. Dipu Moni said, We have already received many books on Bangabandhu, but I think that the book " Bangabandhu and Bangladesh" written by North South University is a significant addition to all those books and it will be considered as a significant addition to existing books on Bangabandhu.

This book is written by many academics, researchers and political personalities, journalists and businessmen who have seen Bangabandhu closely. Editor has tried to highlight various aspects of Bangabandhu's life in this book. There are very few good books written in English about Bangabandhu in our country, which is why our liberation war or our history or achievements are not being publicized at the international level as expected.

The more we write in international standard books in English and other foreign languages or translate our Bengali written books in different languages, the more our history will reach the readers at the international level. For all these reasons this book will be a unique addition.

We need to know Bangabandhu, we have to tell the new generation the history of Bangabandhu, how he became world leader from national leader. Then we will know our true identity.

Bangabandhu was a great man in the history. He took place in people's mind. He has not only taken place in history; he has built history himself. He is history, he is Bangladesh. Bangabandhu's contribution is in the midst of all the progress that Bangladesh has made today.

Speaking as the Special Guest, Mr. M. A. Kashem said, I have seen and recognized
Bangabandhu very closely and I have succeeded in life with his inspiration and ideals in my heart.

NSU has always played a special role in sponsoring the history, culture and liberation war of the country. NSU has honored the children of more than 1300 freedom fighters by giving them the opportunity to study at NSU without pay. North South University has taken many glorious initiatives as part of the national celebration of the centenary of the birth of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

In its continuation, North South University wrote a book titled "Bangabandhu and Bangladesh" on the life of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh
Mujibur Rahman to inform the new generation and the world about Bangabandhu and

On the occasion of the birth centenary of Bangabandhu, a "Bangabandhu and
Liberation War Corner" has been launched in the Central Library. It contains a large collection of books and pictures on Bangabandhu as well as the great war of liberation.

All the books and pictures kept in this corner can be used for research work on Bangabandhu and the liberation war of Bangladesh. North South University has been involved in this great initiative as a knowledge partner of the 100-day "

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Quiz" competition organized with the support
of the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC). He also announced the launch of the North South Medical Research Institutes and Nursing Study Institute in near future and requested the Hon’ble Minister of Education to allow the introduction of a PhD program at North South University.

Professor Dr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed said, "I came to know more details about Bangabandhu from his childhood to his death while editing this book. " He has fought all his life for the liberation of the neglected people of this country.

I am a student of history. I think Bangabandhu was a greater leader than Mao Tse-tung. In all the countries where there are still deprived and neglected people,
they can gain independence with inspiration by reading the history of Bangabandhu.

At this time, he sought the overall cooperation of all in the study of the history of the country. Professor Atiqul Islam, Vice-Chancellor, NSU said, On the centenary of Bangabandhu's birth and on the 50th anniversary of independence, we undertook a massive program. Of all the works we have done, we are proud of this book on Bangabandhu most. There is no end to knowing Bangabandhu.

In this regard, we have tried to talk about the life, ideals and philosophy of
Bangabandhu. Among others, Dr. M. Ismail Hossain, Pro Vice-Chancellor, NSU, Dr. ABM Rashedul Hassan, Treasurer, NSU, Deans of different schools, Researchers, media representatives, Faculties and students, Directors and Officials of NSU were also present in the program.

Dhaka, 24 June (campuslive24.com)//AIT


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